Stewart Island Weather

At latitude 47 degrees south (the "Roaring Forties") the weather is often unpredictable, but the climate is surprisingly temperate with summer temperatures climbing to the mid-20's.  Choose to rise with the sun at 5am and watch it set at 10pm, our long summer days will give you plenty of time to explore.

Sunshine hours are equal to the national average, and while it may be true that it rains on a higher number of days, our annual rainfall is less than that of Auckland.  Spring, with its bursts of colour and promise of longer days, is earlier than the rest of Southland. Winters are milder and calmer than those experienced on the mainland.

The island's rainforest and wetlands are a glorious testament to our climatic conditions. In short, without the rain we could not enjoy the Island's luxuriant vegetation. However, because showers and cold snaps can occur at any time, clothing and footwear for "all seasons" is desirable.