Birdwatching & Kiwi Journey

 Ruggedy Range Wilderness Experience logoDedicated birdwatching and kiwi spotting tours, since 2000.  Highly recommended! 

Generous tours times, great value - money for time spent plus guide’s knowledge, passionate guides.  Informative, rewarding. Excellent photo opportunities.

Birding Adventure Package: choose individual birding trips or package.

Kiwi Journey, Kiwi, Dunes & Beach: 2 / 3 days. Mason Bay - over 90% success rate.  High chance - daytime sightings.

Aihe - Paterson inlet Wildlife Cruise: 2.5 hrs.  Popular, leisurely. Penguins, shorebirds, seabirds and dolphins when present.

Aihe - Pelagic Birding: 3 hrs.  Albatrosses, penguins, petrel, skua, shearwaters, cormorants.

Ruggedy Range - Ulva Island Birding / Ulva Island Birds & Forest Guided Walk: 4.5 hrs /  8.5 hrs.  Iconic tour, in-depth guided walk on Ulva Island. Close encounters with rare / endangered birds.

Evening Eco Watch

3 hrs.  Drive with nature walk, kiwi, penguins, other birds.

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$1.00 per person donated into our conservation fund.


To ensure you receive accurate information:   

  1. We only operate through our "Ruggedy RangeBooking Office in Stewart Island - please contact us directly for all bookings and enquiries.  
  2. We do not operate through another booking office, “i-sites” or “visitor centres”.  There are no  independent i-sites / visitor centres in Stewart Island.

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Ruggedy Range™ Wilderness Experience
Ruggedy Range™ Wilderness Experience
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