Stewart Island Electric Bikes

Explore picturesque Stewart Island in style on our Eco-friendly electric bikes. You can travel at your own pace around our 30 km of roads, stop and see the amazing scenery and wildlife, and go to places you never would have explored before. The terrain of the island is made easy by the assistance of an electric motor helping you bike around with ease and speed. Come see us at our depot at 4 Main road, just around the corner from the 4 Square.

We currently have 10 speedy e-bikes available for hire and our recommended hire time is 3.5 hours, which is bookable through our website. We have other hire durations available as well, just give us a ring, or come in and see us at our depot.

Opening hours:

Summer: 9-10am 1-2pm 4-5pm, 7 Days a Week

Winter: 4-5pm, 7 Days and on Call

Stewart Island Electric Bikes
Stewart Island Electric Bikes
Peter Bayne
4 Main Road
Stewart Island 9846