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On 23rd March 2020 the New Zealand Prime Minister announced that our country is at alert level 3.  In 48 hours we will be at alert level 4 in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Level 4 measures include:

  • people are instructed to stay at home;
  • educational facilities will be closed;
  • businesses will close except for essential services;
  • travel will be severely limited.

If your visit to Stewart Island is not essential, then please consider coming to see us at a later date.  For the health and wellbeing of our small community, and New Zealand as a whole, by working together now means these measures can be lifted more quickly.

Noho ora mai - stay well.

Getting Here

Rakiura Challenge

Visitor Information & Bookings

A range of visitor information and booking offices are available on Stewart Island and
mainland New Zealand.


At latitude 47 degrees south (the roaring forties) our weather is often unpredictable but sunshine hours are equal to the national average and our annual rainfall is less than that of Auckland.

The history of our name

Te Punga o Te Waka a Maui, the original Maori name, positions Stewart Island firmly at the heart of Maori mythology.

Our Heritage

From the 13th Century to the present day.  The island's rich resources provided a bountiful harvest for Maori, early 19th Century explorers, sealers, missionaries, and settlers came from all corners of the world ...

Other Information

Emergency services, banking, churches, library, keeping yourself safe on our roads, mobile phone coverage and other information you may find useful.

Real Estate

Enjoyed your visit to the island so much you want to stay?

Get In Touch

The Stewart Island Promotion Association is committed to ensuring that visitors enjoy their experience.  If the service provided by any of the operators advertised on this website gives cause for concern please contact us.

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Special Thanks

Thanks to the many photographers over the years that have provided images for this website and our printed brochure.  Alina Atkins, Allan J Kynaston, Craig Stonyer, D Asher, Dave Hill, Debbie Racz, Denise Edgar, Diane Smith, Dobbins Family, Furhana Ahmad, Gary Lawrence, Glenda Payne, Jay Nicholson, Jo Learmonth, Jo Riksem, Jules Retberg, Juliet Nicholas, Leah Rudin-Jones, Lee Wadds, the family of the late Margaret Fairhall, Matt Jones, Rachael McKay, Rebecca Wilson-Jennings, Sarah Smith, Scott & Mary Flanders, Serena Dawson, and Steve Nolan.